Medication in school

Medication in School

At Kinderley Primary School, the following procedures are to be followed when administering medication during the school day:

Medicines should only be administered at school when it would be detrimental to a child’s health or school attendance not to do so.

School will not store or administer medicines that have not been prescribed to a child. (Please make arrangements to come into school if you wish to give your child these medicines at break or lunchtime).

In line with other school policies, if medicines are prescribed up to 3 times a day, the expectation is that parents/carers will give these medicines outside of school hours.

If medicines are prescribed 4 times a day, parents/carers are strongly encouraged to make arrangements to come in and administer these where possible.

If the school agrees to administer medicines to a child, the parents/carers must provide the medicine in its original container and must have been dispensed by a pharmacist and have the label showing:

  • Name of child

  • Name of medicine

  • Method of administration

  • The instruction leaflet with prescribed medicines should show:

  • Any side effects

  • Expiry date

The school will provide blank medicine record forms and parents/carers must complete and sign one of these forms if they leave medicine at school.