Intended Aims:

At Kinderley, our history curriculum aims to instil an interest and curiosity in our children of the past; of key events both here and in the wider world and to encourage them to see how history has influenced our lives today. It will allow the children at Kinderley to understand particular events, places and people in history, at different times and in different locations. It aims to develop an understanding of chronology and how the past and present will differ in values, practices and attitudes. It will teach the children how to ask questions, research using both primary and secondary resources and interpret their findings. Ultimately, it aims to teach them the ability to question what they find out, knowing that facts and interpretations do not always match. The children will be encouraged to use the correct language to debate, discuss and write about history. They will have access to artefacts, both primary and secondary; opportunities to visit places that will support their learning such as museums and historical buildings; visitors that talk about their own past experiences bringing past times and events alive. They will carry out fieldwork, interviewing people about their personal experiences and they will regularly re-enact events through role play and drama. Research will also be carried out using secondary resources such as the internet and books. At all times, our history curriculum will differentiate learning so that every child can access it fully.

How will we do it?

We will be using ‘CUSP’ to support the delivery of our aims. It is an inspiring curriculum that ensures depth of knowledge and step by step progression. It is challenging and creative and varies the teaching and learning approaches to cater for all learning styles thus ensuring every child makes progress and is able to fully understand the importance of history, its affect on our lives today and how, knowing about the past, can help us to make better choices for the present and for the future.

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