Talk 4 Writing

Our writing curriculum is designed to develop pupils’ skills in composing texts (articulating ideas in speech and writing) for a variety of purposes and audiences. Pupils are taught to plan, revise, evaluate and improve their writing through their choice of vocabulary, grammatical structures, punctuation and overall text cohesion and composition, depending on the effect they want to have on their reader.

During the year, pupils will be exposed to reading and writing texts for a variety of purposes, presented in a variety of formats.

Over the course of the year, each year group will cover instructional writing, narrative writing, writing to persuade, letter writing, recounts, non chronological reports, newspaper reports, a book study, poetry and an individual type of writing not covered in previous year groups.

We use the 'Talk for Writing' strategies developed by Pie Corbett, which mirrors the way children learn.

Talk for writing allows children to internalise text language and structure before they begin the process of writing themselves.

Talk for Writing is built on a three part structure:

1) Imitation

2) Innovation

3) Independent application