No employees at Kinderley Community Primary School have a gross salary of £100,000 or more.

Financial benchmarking data is available, to compare our school finances with other schools. This data is historic, currently showing financial data from 2018/2019. Since then there have been a number of changes eg: staffing restructure in 2020.


The school has received some funding (just over £5,000) from the government to help children 'catch-up' the learning missed due to Coronavirus. We are using the funding to provide tutoring in English and maths, using a combination of our own staff and tutors through the national tutoring partnership. Children are identified, who have fallen behind in their attainment. Due to the current situation, sessions are virtual and mainly take place at home.

We will evaluate the impact of the first set of sessions, before planning further catch up sessions during the summer term.

We also benefit from some financial support from a local charity 'Brigstock & Wrens'. Parents who live in the parish of Tydd St Giles are able to apply to them directly for financial support for their children's education.