Red Arrows

How we became inspired by the Red Arrows at Kinderely Primary School

‘The Sky is not the Limit – it is just the beginning.

Inspiration in 2018

Back in October 2018, Mrs Gourley was fortunate to attend an inspirational evening with the Typhoon Pilots. Headed up by Red Arrows Pilot Mike Bowden, Ian Smith (Smithy) and Jim Peterson Typhoon Display Pilot for 2019. Each one of them successful and inspirational in their own right, as a school we decided to ask the pilots if they would record a video message to motivate the children.

Our Vision statement

The video messages were extremely positive and each one of them encouraged the children to never give up, really go for their dreams and to try their best. Smithy gave us our vision statement,’ The Sky is not the Limit, it is just the beginning’ as it connected with the Red Arrows positive attitudes and work ethic. It was explained to the children that we really wanted to see the children take on the attitudes of the Typhoon Pilots and Red Arrows Pilots. These pilots are the best of the best and we wanted the pupils of Kinderley to embrace their way of thinking to be the best that they can be.

Red Arrows Cap

It was decided that whoever really tried their best, went over and above or never gave up within class then they could be nominated for the Red Arrows Cap that day. The children got to wear the cap until the next person was nominated. Their pictures in the cap were put up in the hall as a way to motivate all the children.

We all began to see a little ripple of excitement and some of the children wanting to really try. Every day a different child would show how they had been trying in their work or had been really kind to other children.

Red Arrows Challenges in 2019

Everyone within the school set themselves a Red Arrows challenge termly. The challenges were child specific, inclusive and got everyone motivated. The challenges ranged from reading to improving handwriting to learning tables, to cooking meals at home, to football games, to dancing.

The teacher's challenges included park runs, volunteering for charity, writing a book and flying a plane. We are strong believers that if we ask the children to challenge themselves, then it only fair we do too and as a whole school we did ourselves and the Pilots proud. Goals were smashed but most importantly there was a sense of pride, achievement and a team that supported each other. We ended the year with another video from Red 3 congratulating us.

Reading Challenges in 2020

Ian Smith (Smithy) went on his own challenge with a team and flew around the world in a Silver Spitfire.

So we set ourselves an even bigger challenge. Smithy flew around the world with Petwood Bear. The little bear has been everywhere with him and luckily for us he took a few spare suitcases with him. Whilst on his travels, he picked up lots of books for Kinderley to read. Petwood Bear and Smithy helped to launch a reading challenge. ‘Reading takes you anywhere with Petwood Bear’ will hopefully engage the children in reading for pleasure in school and outside of school. The children will have the opportunity to use these books and send us pictures from where they have traveled to with them and where they like to read. These will be displayed in the library for everyone to see.

*Red Arrows Challenges in 2020*

The Red Arrows challenges have evolved to set four per term. One based on reading, one based on tables, one based on arts and one based on fun! Each of the children's challenges will be very specific to that child which will not only enhance their learning, but also give them confidence within themselves. Nobody is given a challenge that they can’t complete. We would love to hear about any challenges you are setting as a family or individuals. Please keep checking back in as we will add to this page as the year progresses.

Message from Red 6 whilst at Home

Please click on the picture of Red 6 below to listen to his very important message to all Kinderley children whilst off from school and working hard at home. It tells us all how important it is to continue working hard so that we can all achieve the goals we set ourselves

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