Intended aims:

At Kinderley, our geography curriculum aims to instil curiosity in our children about the world around them and the people in it. It aims to ensure the children understand that the world is precious, and we need to take care of it. It will show them how they, as part of the human race, can make a difference. It will teach the children about places in the U.K. and in the wider world and allow them opportunities to find out about the human and physical aspects of these places and use the correct language to debate, discuss and write about these aspects. There will be many opportunities to investigate our beautiful, rural local area and gain a deep understanding of how special and unique the Fens are.

Living in a multicultural world, it will teach the children that all places and people are special and that respect and being good citizens are extremely important.

It aims to teach the children where key places, cities and countries are, to locate them, name and discuss them and talk about the physical and human qualities with confidence and correct geographical terminology.

It aims to develop a deep understanding of how all of these places and communities are connected and inter-dependent.

Geographical skills will be developed throughout, and the children will be encouraged to be curious, ask questions and follow personal lines of enquiry. Above all, it aims to inspire, challenge and educate.

How will we do it?

At Kinderley, we will be using ‘CUSP’ to support the delivery of the geography curriculum. It is an inspiring curriculum that ensures depth of knowledge and step by step progression. It is challenging and creative and varies the teaching and learning approaches to cater for all learning styles thus ensuring every child makes progress and is able to fully understand the importance of the world and our place in it.

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